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Legal Anthropomorphic Work (LAW) a registered public trust, founded and working with conscious by the person having considerable experience in the field of legal care and welfare of the needy and creating awareness among them, the object and services to be rendered by the trust ‘LAW’ in furtherance to aware the people who are untouched with legal and constitutional changes are in following manner:

  1. For making a search into the causes of lack of access to justice.

  2. To correct attitudinal obstacle effecting both formal court and informal institutions.

  3. To strengthen system of traditional mediation and to create awareness for effective access to complex and prohibitively expansive legal system.

  4. To check evasion of right by creating space of awareness in legal fraternity about broad disputes such as land settlement, intermediation- extortion.

  5. Create development dynamic to emancipation of the poor, and to give the poor and the marginalized a voice in the justice system.

To provide legal services to the poor by counseling and representation in court as well as to promote and create platform for mediation /representation before non-judicial forums, assistance with the legal aspects of administration process, assisting through non-lawyer who were to be trained to acquire legal knowledge and skill even non-formal education.

LAW shall take all endeavor so that all citizen feels and aware that they are equal before law and entitled to equal protection of law. Since access to justice has now been recognized as an essential pre condition for economy development.

With aforesaid motto and zeal the trust are in their furtherance desire to create site of alternative disputes in far corner of the country to settle disputes through negotiation and compromise among poor and marginalized area. LAW with all endeavor desire to get further guidelines in matter.


In the above circumstances LAW feels pleased to place before you it’s detailed intro, aims & objectives which as given below and desires yours guidance and support for its success.


    This registered Public Trust, LAW having its registered office shall be at Road No. 6/B, Rajendra Nagar Patna 800016, is dedicated to the development and management of the legal practice and culture all over the country in general and propagation of legal awareness among the people who are untouched with legal and constitutional Changes.

      The TRUST shall provide legal assistance, legal information and legal remedies and to initiates programs for advancement and independent, effective and dynamic judiciary.

      The TRUST shall also to arrange Programs, involving and addressing diverse disciplines with various facets and faculties of life, including legal aid, to lesson burden of high cost of justice practice law management, alternative dispute management, child abuse, legal assistant to senior citizens. To address juvenile crime, information technology, environmental issues, free press, domestic violence, clinical education, law teaching and so forth.

      The TRUST shall organize program policies on issue of civil, criminal and family justice and to project improve and create more effective legal awareness and legal services delivery system.

      The TRUST shall also provide help and consultancy to people associated with IPR(s) like copyright holders, Trade Marks owners, Patents holders, etc. on one hand and various NGO(s), Public Sectors, Discussion Group etc. on the other. Wherever possible, assistance to the courts, tribunals, Forums, etc. will also be provided.

      The TRUST shall have Telecommunication and network infrastructure to support client-server system and service center, Social, educational and cultural expediency in the field of legal awareness among common people, care and welfare.

Objects of the Trust:          
    The object of the Trust will be for the promotion of charitable and non – religious, non – political objects and purposes which will be or is intended to well – being, welfare of the people of India and to propagate knowledge of law without distinction of color, caste, community, creed or political belief.
These include:

  1.  To spread legal awareness among common people especially the most  backward, most downtrodden, women and most needful people.
  2. To coordinate and arrange workshops, seminars and other interactive  programs so that the common mass get educated and aware of their legal  rights and duties.

  3. To bridge the gap, if any, between the general people and judiciary system.

  4. To put India on the World Map as “Justice” providing country.

  5. To provide suggestions and recommendation to the Hon’ble Government of India for amendments, modification, omission, etc. of various existing law of India, keeping in mind the international standard and obligations.

  6. To establish, maintain, run or associate, accept grant/donation infrastructure for legal clinics, counseling centers, workshops, laboratory in legal social research. This will promote, provide an infrastructure to ensure the fulfillment of the above objectives.

  7. To purchase, take on lease, accept grant/donations Land for legal aid in wiser purpose for benefit of poor and downtrodden people especially the financially, socially and emotionally backward rural men & women and urban habitat.

    h) The TRUST initiate programs that will promote all legally established methods, which will help men and women especially younger generation and their family for better life and livelihood.
  8. The TRUST initiates program that compliments Government of India’s & state policies for national and Sate Development.

    j) For the benefit of poor unprivileged people, Trust will also undertake formation of any kind of lawful groups such as SHG (Self Help Group) and micro-finance.

  9. The Trust will use all established skill with enterprising and marketing skill with use of latest information technology and systems available outside the Government’s system to provide various services and products to enable the poor and downtrodden to harness the benefit. Towards this end, Trust will participate in official programs of Central and State Government of India wherever it organizes and will assist them in the optimum utilization of Government and non- Government systems.

  10. To help, support and effort for the systematic removal of Terrorism & Corruption from Indian Society.

  11. To help and assist other NGO(s) and persons involved in this cause for the benefit of people at large.

    For all this purpose trust can also establish and maintain it’s own infrastructure by establishing, associating or accepting grant/donations in cash or kind for fulfillment of the objects.


  1. To ensure the reach of the most downtrodden and most needful person up to the “Law of India

  2. To act as a watchdog over judiciary system.

  3. To develop knowledge, understanding and respect for “Law of India” among the common mass.

  4. Making general mass aware and educated about their rights as well as duties

  5. Encouraging the people find lawful and ethical solutions.

  6. To provide Indian citizen a platform, which will strive to get them “Justice”.

  7. To make a terror and corruption free Indian society.


  1. Conducting seminars, workshop, Group Discussion and other Interactive programs to educate and inform the common mass of India about their rights and as well as their duties.

  2. Conducting live question and answer session between the general people and representatives of law ministry/ judiciary system/ other hon’ble and elite person(s).

  3. Providing legal and financial aid/ support to the most needful person so that he/she/they can get “Justice”.

  4. Working in slums.

  5. Interacting directly with the Policy makers and Executors of “Law of India” and providing them a platform from where they can hear the views and problems of the general mass and from where general mass too can interact with them.

  6. Educating common mass against getting involved or supporting anti-social and anti-law activities and encouraging them find lawful and ethical solution.

  7. Providing assistance, support and financial aid to most needful people in the society to develop means for their better livelihood so that they don’t carried away by the unethical teaching and financial benefits of the wrong means and person(s).

  8. Encouraging the person(s) who have got diverted from the “law of India” in generating respect for law and to return in the mainstream of society by educating them about their lawful solution and providing them legal and financial aid for their betterment of livelihood.

  9. Keeping a watchful eye over the judiciary system and wherever necessary providing suggestion and recommendation to hon’ble government of India for the necessary action(s).





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